Cinta allah

"Ya Allah..... Tunjukkan kepada kami yang benar dan jadikan pilihan kami
mengikuti yang benar itu.Dan juga tunjukkan kepada kami yang tidak benar
dan permudahkan kami meninggalkannya." Amin.

Rabu, April 07, 2010

Tip mengharmonikan suasana rumah tangga

*** Calm

Take some time to unwind when you feel like getting angry appears. You should go to other places or into a corner that can calm the soul explosion of anger and release it there.

If necessary, take time to restore the situation even in a long time. Once again the calm, and the pair met again to solve the problem professionally and not the dispute.

most effective, if the couple are angry or do something that could trigger a fight like mencibir and said offensive to you, do not you responded. Instead, you should say: 'I am fasting'.

*** Avoid saying, 'always' and 'never'

, 'Do you always behave like this,' or 'you do not have the least understanding of my feelings. Speeches like this are often terlontar from your mouth or spouse at all times anger peaked. In fact, the use of words such as this will disturb the situation both of you. Avoid saying or trying to express such a way that is more specific and clear.

*** Avoid the word 'broken'

Notwithstanding the problems, arguments are not the main factor the end of a relationship. So, do you ever conclude with a simple relationship forged over the years or mendeklarasikan your relationship has ended.

Focus your attention on the essence of the problem is happening. Do not let yourself drift brought current and emotions that have no end point noktahnya.

*** Tolerance is

a good tactic to calm and mendinginkan atmosphere is soft and fine, saying the couple are 'hot' liver. Be more tolerant, patient and put yourself in position. If you do not ever do this to your spouse, do not expect he will do the same thing to you.

*** Do not end arguments with arguments

, this will mean, do not make arguments that there is continued until a deep impact on both partners. Who first start is not a significant issue, if you both agree to a truce. Stop the action or speech that could overshadow the new arguments.

*** Speech 'sorry'

These words certainly have a great magic power to solve arguments. We apologize if you offend your spouse, for the onset of arguments, even arguments that are not caused by you.

the best measure of the arguments are now reuniting relationship. So, you titipkan love affair with state of deep feelings against him, after this blessed month.

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